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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    You never know with innovation these days, it could happen!
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    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    I still wish they added a zero G roll into this too give it the edge on diamondback. In my opinion this and diamondback are too similar for the same park, the GP won't notice much of a difference. I think a looping Mack giga would have done well here instead of another B&M tall. It's like...
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    Gullivers Valley

    I don't know if there current castle is permanent or not, but its made out of shipping container's and plywood. Also its apparently a hotel! it literally is Poundland Disney at its best!
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    "Sleeping Giant" Theme Park

    I honesty don't understand how Chessington is still so popular when they haven't invested much since dragons fury! also how they have gone 16 years without a coaster is unreal!!! same as Thorpe, there last coaster was in 2012, both these parks are meant too be 3rd and 4th attendance wise in the...
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    "Sleeping Giant" Theme Park

    They may do in certain area's but they must be able to build quite taller than towers as apocalypse is 177 foot and shockwaves is 119 foot, to put that into perspective, the swarm at Thorpe park is only 127 foot which is a large coaster and something the GP will see as huge. I do think there...
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    "Sleeping Giant" Theme Park

    Drayton Manor! whilst there doing well with the families and Thomas land, the park is so centrally located in England and with more thrill coasters, could be a major contender to Alton Towers. They have the land and the one thing they have over towers is they can build tall(er), and from a GP...
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    Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Future Predictions

    Icon cost the pleasure beach 16.25 Million pounds. RMC raptors are rumoured to cost around the range of 8 million dollars, which is about 6.3 million pounds. I think it could definitely be a potential option For the next coaster 4 maybe 5 years down the line as a smaller investment to Icon. Best...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Oakwood is owned by Aspro who also own Walygator Parc and some other parks and midway attractions, would they be willing too sell one of there top parks? How about Lightwater valley. After the accident last year, Livingstone leisure may want too sell Lightwater to protect the company and there...
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    Removal of G-Force at Drayton Manor (2005 - 2018)

    Theming wise, I've always seen Drayton manor as more of an amusement park than a theme park (with individual themes on certain rides/Thomas land) so I don't think no theming was the issue. the ride was a prototype and a cheap gimmick, hate too say it that the pinfari looper they had previous was...
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    Southport Pleasureland future

    Found a new podcast from Southport's Sandgrounder radio, featuring Pleasureland's owner. In this he does talk about the future of Southport on a whole . He also talks about plans too build a highly themed adventure golf course, themed to Vikings, with village theming and food/beverage outlet. He...
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    Southport Pleasureland future

    Its definitely the coaster from Gulliver's, the coaster they removed because a wheel fell off, lets hope there is a bright future for the park, can see them doing an 'adventure inside' sort of adventure island style indoor play area with rides and an arcade plus hotel like down in Southend in Essex
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    Kent, England | The London Resort | Entertainment Complex

    I'm hoping this is just not a local leisure mall, I believe in the project and have hope that it will become the best theme park in the UK (proper theme park), fingers crossed for this, had faith in this project since day one so hope it isn't a disappointment!
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    Accident on Splash Canyon

    The Inquest has come too a conclusion. The conclusion is accidental.
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    Corporate influence in the future of UK parks

    Hey new member here. Six flags and cedar fair seems too be expanding! does anyone believe that either six flags, cedar fair, parque reunidos, the Mack family or any other large amusement park operator will have any influence on the UK amusement/theme park industry in the future? Personally I do...
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    Southport Pleasureland future Hey new member here. Southport Pleasureland was my local for years and has special memories in my childhood. Now Norman Wallis has been granted a long term lease (said to be 99 years!) what do you think...