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    Rank Your Visited Six Flags Parks

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    What’s your favorite rollercoaster by Intamin?

    1-el toro 2-maverick 3-millenium force 4-dragster 5-superman (Sfne) 6-cheetah hunt
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    Favourite coaster drop?

    Some of my favorites 1-el toro 2-wicked cyclone 3-nitro 4-mako 5-sheikra 6-steel vengeance 7-maverick 8-pheonix 9-montu 10-millenium force
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    Your Defunct Roller Coaster List

    -stinger dorney park That’s it
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    Rank the RMCs

    You don’t like l-rod?
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    What is worst coaster ever?

    I ****ing can’t stamd doodoogarou at cedar point and it’s worse then corkscrew because after 40 ish years of operation of course it’s gonna be rough but doodoogarou is modern and it’s a b and m and it’s ****!!! Can’t argue with that it truly is terrible and has thighcrush restraints I hate...
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    Florida 2020/21; which coaster excites you most?

    Rmc gwazi
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    SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor

    It is on Gadvs story
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    Favorite American Coaster

    Toro also my number 1and only continent I’ve ridden a coaster on
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    What rides do you expect to see at Kennywood in the future after Steel Curtain opens?

    Hopefully an invert but never been to kennywood so
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    My first ride on Steel Vengeance?

    First up let me say steel vengeance is not the most aggressive with its airtime it’s smooth and strong like a really strong intamin but not nearly as intense as an intamin I think your describing it like el toro which has intense airtime which steel vengeance doesn’t have the strongest airtime...
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    Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster from each manufacturer

    Good list but Dunn didn’t make the beast
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    Most rerideable coasters?

    WICKED CYCLONE IS LESS INTENSE OMFG I can imagine what other RMCs are like but my only other one is Steve which doesn’t have the strongest air but wicked cyclone is super sustained I rlly need to get on more RMCs
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    What is your bucket list coaster for each continent?

    Medusa is in Mexico which is still North America