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New Profile Posts

  1. EpochEmu
    "What is ATI? And if thats a bad thing ill stop."- cranedude
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  2. Howie
    Happy birthday Madonna - looking great at 60. Still got the body of a man half her age.
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  3. Cranedude
  4. Cranedude
    Heeeee's baaaaaaaaaack. CRRRAAAANNNNEEEESSSS-thecraneguy-Cranedude
  5. Yunho Kim
    Yunho Kim
    T-Express/Phaethon/Draken/Flying Dinosaur/B&M Fan
  6. Thekingin64
    Interestingly, it appears Mellors have sold Ice Mountain! Unsure what that'll mean for Winter Wonderland this year if no Ice Mountain...
    1. Thekingin64
      Rode it today under it's new owner (Ryan Crow) with no Ice Mountain tent in sight.
      Aug 10, 2018
  7. Hyde
    What does a dentist do on a roller coaster? He braces himself.
    1. Howie
      Yes, but at what time of day? Tooth hurty, that's when! :D
      Aug 6, 2018
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  8. thecraneguy
    No... wire...hangers! What's wire hangers doing in this closet when I told you: No. Wire. Hangers. EVER?!
  9. toofpikk
    what happened to that bloody polercoaster thingy
  10. EpochEmu
    Suddenly, 4 more Golden Horse Super Spinning coasters have popped up!
  11. DJBoost
    It really do be like that sometimes. Next Park: SFA
  12. Pear
    Sad to be leaving Sweden, but I'm dying to go back home!
  13. Will
    Just realised I've been sat at work humming the music from De Vliegende Hollander to myself for the last few minutes...
    1. jayjay
      Imma need to finish my piano rendition then
      Jul 25, 2018
  14. Dex
    New memeber, Still learning how this works.
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    2. jayjay
      Have fun and don't be too much of a tit. That's about it!
      Jul 25, 2018
    3. Zek_Teh_Kek
      Welcome! I take it you found this through discord?
      Jul 28, 2018
  15. Zek_Teh_Kek
    Back from the summer! I'll be working on my TR from Kings Dominion and Carowinds soon!
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  16. thecraneguy
    thecraneguy VTCGA5
    Hi RollingCoasting/VTCGA5
    Your awesome!
  17. thecraneguy
  18. kenny cook
    kenny cook
    I just went to Knotts Soak City, so much fun and really great after the refurb
  19. thecraneguy
    So the storms were nice and missed us (phew!), yes i am CRRAAAAAANNNNNEEEEEEESSSSSS
    1. EpochEmu
      Why would you make a different account?
      Jul 22, 2018
    2. thecraneguy
      Because i was logged out and forgot the password of my old account and my email is gone becuase it was on throwawaymail
      Jul 23, 2018
  20. thecraneguy
    Under tornado watch, hope for the best, yes i am CRRAAAAAANNNNNEEEEEEESSSSSS