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  1. Rasak Gamez Youtube
    Rasak Gamez Youtube
    I just went on Dudley's Do right ripsaw in islands of adventure and it is really fun.
  2. Theme Park Information
    Theme Park Information
    Let the rollercoaster begin :) also on Youtube.
  3. Zek_Teh_Kek
    Thank you for 1 year with CoasterForce! I am so glad that I can be a part of this community, and be updated in the coaster news...
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    2. Zek_Teh_Kek
      and share my thoughts about the roller coasters I've ridden! Thank you for being such an awesome coaster community!
      Feb 6, 2018
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  4. vaugc002
  5. bmac
  6. CedarPointFangirl
    So I came here to do research on Ride Names. Can someone help me find a source?
    1. Zek_Teh_Kek
      RCDB is a great source!
      Or if you're brave enough, you can check out the Best or Worst coaster names threads.
      Feb 2, 2018
    2. Mack
      A lot of times the park's PR/media relations department would be more than happy to give you an answer if you're having difficulty finding the scoop on a particular name's origins/history.
      Feb 6, 2018
  7. Howie
    Is it me, or does February feel like the 'Tuesday'' of the year?
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    2. jayjay
      Eurgh, yes. Lack of freshness but still crap!
      Feb 2, 2018
    3. Sandman
      Then November is definitely the Thursday
      Feb 2, 2018
  8. Zek_Teh_Kek
  9. GuyWithAStick
    Discord is a nice platform
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    2. Zek_Teh_Kek
      It's a very nice platform! My favorite for chat. Sleek, easy to use, and no ads! *cough* skype *cough*
      Jan 24, 2018
  10. Bert2theSpark
    More cutback at Towers... Really started to get annoyed now.
  11. Whitney
    How much does the Fury 325 train weigh
    1. Pokemaniac
      Try creating a thread in the Q&A forum for the question, since it will be a lot more visible there than here. I don't know the answer, but I think a thread could be helpful reaching people who do.

      Oh, and welcome to CF!

      EDIT: Oh, I see you made a thread already. I can move it to the right subforum.
      Jan 19, 2018
  12. Zek_Teh_Kek
    1. Hyde
      Let's just say that 5 star bar is pretty low.
      Jan 18, 2018
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  13. Snipey101
  14. Howie
    Jokes about Yoda are out of order.
    1. DelPiero
      Jan 15, 2018
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  15. toofpikk
    when are the awards and why havent i got any yet
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    2. Zek_Teh_Kek
      It appears that last year it started on the 14th, so expect them soon
      Jan 11, 2018
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  16. ATI
    1,000 posts and 300 trophy points cleared!
    1. Will
      Quality, not quantity, kid ;)
      Jan 15, 2018
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  17. rob666
    rob666 Shakey
    Lives behind the green door, and I must add I can't believe he is fifty, doing very well for his age.
    Lovely chap, always buys his round, rare for a tyke.
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  18. Edward M
    Edward M
    Year 2 of 4. God help us all.
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  19. rob666
    rob666 Dipper_Dave
    38, but doesn't look a day over 40
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  20. DelPiero
    Happy New Year all.
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